03.06.2020 (Wednesday)

From bulk reconstruction to Berry phases and back

Journal Club Bartlomiej Czech (IAS, Tsinghua U.)

15:00 Other
room Virtual

The first half of the talk will be a review of the main ingredients of bulk reconstruction: the Ryu-Takayanagi formula and subregion duality, the JLMS theorem, error correction and the complexity conjecture. The second half will be about my recent and current work on "modular Berry phases"--a type of Berry phase which characterizes the entanglement structure of a quantum state. We will see that the bulk curvature in AdS is (up to an integral transform) a special case of the modular Berry phase, though the concept has many other applications which we may or may not discuss.

Part of the Black Hole Information Paradox Journal Club. Please email damian.galante@kcl.ac.uk for Zoom link to the meeting.