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27.03.2020 (Friday)

Toward an Effective CFT2 from N = 4 Super Yang-Mills and Aspects of Hawking Radiation

Journal Club Alejandro Cabo-Bizet (KCL)

13:00 KCL
room Virtual

I will discuss the recent paper 2003.02770 with the title above (by J. Nian and L. Pando Zayas). Link to meeting: here

04.10.2017 (Wednesday)

The topologically twisted index on H2xS1 and its relation to the entropy of hyperbolic AdS4 black holes.

Regular Seminar Alejandro Cabo-Bizet (KCL)

13:15 KCL
room K4.31

I will start by sketching the computation of the topologically twisted index on H2xS1 and its evaluation in ABJM theory in the large N limit with k=1. Then after, I will review the key points behind the construction of magnetically charged (hyperbolic) AdS4 black holes on STU gauged SUGRA and will conclude by stating how the aformentioned index -- upon extremization -- coincides with the entropy of the latter black holes in the large N limit (with k=1).