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08.11.2021 (Monday)

Berry Phases and Complexity as Probes of Bulk Geometry

Exceptional Seminar Claire Zukowski (University of Amsterdam)

15:45 KCL
room Norfolk Building G.01

I will describe two new quantum information theoretic probes of bulk geometry that access information inaccessible to spacelike geodesics. The first arises from considering a parallel transport process of modular Hamiltonians on the boundary under a change of state. I will show that the Berry curvature for this process computes the entanglement wedge symplectic form associated to a family of Euclidean cosmic brane solutions. Next, I will derive the circuit complexity for conformal field theory in arbitrary dimensions. I will show that circuits are dual to timelike geodesics in the bulk, and that the complexity metric admits a simple bulk geometric description in terms of distances between geodesics. In either case, these quantities are governed by the geometry of coadjoint orbits, which are special symplectic manifolds arising from group theory. The state-changing modular Berry transport process naturally describes the geometry of new, Virasoro-like coadjoint orbits that extend beyond the current classification. The complexity metric describes the geometry of a particular coadjoint orbit of the conformal group in arbitrary dimensions.