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20.04.2021 (Tuesday)

EFTs, Gravity and Clues from the UV

Regular Seminar Clifford Burgess (Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics and McMaster University)

15:30 IC
room zoom 871 9223 5980

Everyone seems to have strong opinions these days about what UV completions to gravity can tell us about lower-energy physics. Perceived difficulties finding inflationary solutions to string theory in particular have prompted re-examination of the utility of EFT methods, such as through the swampland trans-Planckian conjectures. This talk provides a curmudgeonly assessment of some of these proposals together with my own opinion about the likely low-energy take-aways of attempts to embed cosmology into string theory. If there is time I will describe some aspects of gravitation EFTs that really do seem to deviate from the standard Wilsonian picture. [please note the unusual time] [please email for zoom link or password]