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08.09.2020 (Tuesday)

Entanglement entropies of equilibrated pure states in quantum many-body systems and replica wormholes

Informal Seminar Hong Liu (MIT)

14:00 IC
room online - instructions in abstract

We develop a universal approximation for the Renyi entropies of a pure state at late times in non-integrable systems, which macroscopically resembles an equilibrium density matrix. The resulting expressions are fully determined by properties of the associated equilibrium density matrix, and are hence independent of the details of the initial state, while also being manifestly consistent with unitary time-evolution. For equilibrated pure states in gravity systems, such as those involving black holes, this approximation gives a prescription for calculating entanglement entropies using Euclidean path integrals which is consistent with unitarity and hence can be used to address the information loss paradox of Hawking. Applied to recent models of evaporating black holes and eternal black holes coupled to baths, it provides a derivation of replica wormholes, and elucidates their mathematical and physical origins. In particular, it shows that replica wormholes can arise in a system with a fixed Hamiltonian, without the need for ensemble averages. ----- Follow the usual link or contact the organisers (Antoine Bourget and Edoardo Vescovi).