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02.12.2020 (Wednesday)

A novel twistor string theory

Triangular Seminar Kevin Costello (Perimeter Institute)

15:00 City U.
room Zoom

This seminar will be held over Zoom. The link will be sent by your local Triangle seminar organiser or you can contact for link. I will report on some work in progress on type I topological strings on twistor space, and their relationship with integrable but non-supersymmetric field theories in three and four dimensions. This is closely related to recent work of Bittleston and Skinner.

30.09.2004 (Thursday)

Topological conformal field theories from Calabi-Yau categories

Regular Seminar Kevin Costello (IC)

13:30 IC
room 139

This is part of the London topology and geometry seminars