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25.11.2021 (Thursday)

London Integrability Journal Club Gong Show

Regular Seminar Many Speakers (various places)

14:45 Other
room Zoom, instructions in abstract

We will have a new edition of the London Integrability Journal Club Gong Show, with six 10+5 mins talks by: Meer Ashwinkumar, Kavli Inst. Tokyo, "Three-dimensional WZW model and the R-matrix of the Yangian". Carlos Bercini, ICTP-SAIFR, "The Wilson Loop - Large Spin OPE Dictionary". Aleix Gimenez-Grau, DESY, "Bootstrapping holographic defect correlators". Himanshu Khanchandani, Princeton Univ., "CFT in AdS and Gross-Neveu BCFT". Levente Pristyak, Budapest Univ., "Current operators in the XYZ model". Xinyu Zhang, DESY, "Hidden symmetry in 4d N=2 quiver gauge theory". Abstracts and schedule can be found on the LIJC website, . If you are not registered, please email Andrea Cavaglia at KCL for the Zoom link.