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19.10.2021 (Tuesday)

New postdoc introduction

Regular Seminar David Tennyson and Morteza Hosseini (Imperial)

1:30 IC
room B630

Morteza Hosseini: "Microstates of AdS black holes in string theory." I’ll review recent advances of counting black holes microstates in AdS spacetimes. David Tennyson: "Supersymmetric flux backgrounds of string theory." I will review my work on the geometry of supersymmetric flux backgrounds of string theory through generalised geometry. In particular, I will introduce the exceptional complex structure and discuss some applications.

16.12.2020 (Wednesday)

Holography of class F field theories

Regular Seminar Morteza Hosseini (Kavli IPMU)

11:00 IC
room Zoom

I will perform a consistent reduction of 6d matter-coupled F(4) gauged supergravity on a compact Riemann surface of genus g, at the level of the bosonic fields. The result is an N=2 gauged supergravity coupled to two vector multiplets and a single hypermultiplet. The four-dimensional model is holographically dual to the 3d superconformal field theories of class F, describing different brane systems in massive type IIA and IIB wrapped on the Riemann Surface. I will then use the results to find the first examples of dyonic static black holes of class F and perform a microscopic counting of their entropy via the 5d topologically twisted index. I will also find new asymptotically AdS solutions, including rotating black holes, in the subtruncations of the 4d model, providing predictions for the squashed S^3 partition functions and the superconformal and refined twisted indices of class F field theories. Join Zoom Meeting Meeting ID: 928 0584 1030 Passcode: 902526