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08.06.2021 (Tuesday)

Towards the path integral for gravity

Regular Seminar Neil Turok (Perimeter Institute and University of Edinburgh)

13:30 IC
room zoom 871 9223 5980

We show how Feynman's path integral for quantum mechanics may be defined without a Wick rotation to imaginary time. Instead, we employ analytic continuation (and Cauchy's theorem) in the complexified space of paths being integrated over. We outline an existence proof and describe applications to both nonrelativistic quantum mechanics and to interference patterns due to gravitational microlensing in radio astronomy. [please email for zoom link or password]

13.03.2013 (Wednesday)

Tom Kibble and the Early Universe as the Ultimate Experiment

Exceptional Seminar Neil Turok (Perimeter)

11:00 IC
room Lecture Theatre 1, Blackett Lab

Tom Kibble was a pioneer of the symmetry breaking paradigm in fundamental physics. His view of physics is exceptionally broad, and Tom also led efforts to see how to test ideas of grand unification through exploring their consequences for the very early universe. Over time, this led to new paradigms for cosmology, like cosmic inflation, with a plethora of observational tests. In this talk, I shall review some of Tom's cosmological innovations and also look forward to new and even more fundamental paradigms capable of tackling the big bang singularity. [Symmetry and Fundamental Physics - Tom Kibble at 80]

13.10.2004 (Wednesday)

An M - theory model of a Big Crunch Big Bang transition

Regular Seminar Neil Turok (DAMTP)

14:00 IC
room 503