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26.10.2021 (Tuesday)

In Conversation with Sir Roger Penrose

Colloquium Roger Penrose (Oxford)

19:00 Other
room Faraday Theatre, Royal Institution

In conversation: Sir Roger Penrose, Thomas Fink & Yang-Hui He Live at the Royal Institution + Livestream Sir Roger Penrose is a mathematical physicist with the eye of an artist and the soul of a philosopher. He won the 2020 Nobel Prize in Physics for his work on the mathematical foundations of black holes. The tilings which bear his name can cover the plane in a never-repeating pattern. His work on the theory of mind suggests consciousness is a peculiarly human capability. He is a master word-smither, capable of rendering the most complex ideas clear, and his popular books have inspired a generation of physicists and laymen alike. In this event, Sir Roger joins Thomas Fink and Yang-Hui He on stage for a conversation about the man behind the science. We take a rare look into the workings of this singular mind. How does he get his ideas? Is beauty a guide to truth? What’s the basis of free will? Is AI a threat? Can art inform science? And is man different from machine?