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19.11.2020 (Thursday)

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From CFT to AdS for Higher-Spin amplitudes

Regular Seminar Shailesh au:Lal'><span class='hl'>Shailesh</span> Lal ()

14:00 IC
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Higher-Spin/CFT dualities are a promising playground to unravel the nuts and bolts of the AdS/CFT correspondence away from supersymmetry, as the bulk and boundary descriptions are simultaneously perturbative. In this talk we demonstrate how the free CFT three-point correlator involving two scalars and one conserved current of arbitrary spin organizes itself into the dual AdS amplitude. Techniques from the embedding space formalism for AdS and CFT, as well as an insightful variation of Schwinger parametrization, proposed in hep-th/0308184 play an important role. The talk will be based on arXiv:2009.10110. Join Zoom Meeting Meeting ID: 351 588 0979 Passcode: the T word in AdS/CFT