20.01.2016 (Wednesday)

Polygon Seminar: SUSY field theories and matrix models

Triangular Seminar Nadav Drukker (KCL)

15:00 IC
room LT3 Level 1 Blackett

Matrix models are toy models for quantum field theories. They can be extremely complicated but can also be solved in a variety of ways. In my talk I will discuss general properties of matrix models and their solutions and focus on particular matrix models that arise in the study of 4d SUSY field theories. Those matrix models describe the index of the field theory, counting the number of states of the theory (with + sign for a boson and - for a fermion) and have been known for over 10 years. Though they look very complicated I will show how some simple tricks allow in certain cases to solve those matrix models exactly in terms of elementary functions. My talk will focus on the matrix model calculation and no specialized knowledge of SUSY field theories or indices would be required to follow it.