23.11.2016 (Wednesday)

Non-Wilsonian RG flows and the T barT perturbation of 2D quantum field theories

Regular Seminar Roberto Tateo (University of Turin)

13:15 KCL
room G01 Norfolk Building

An interesting link between the effective string theory describing the colour confinement in Yang-Mills theories and conformal field theories perturbed by the composite operator $T \bar{T}$ was recently discovered. We will discuss various aspects of this special kind of integrable perturbation and how it affects the energy levels of a generic 2D Quantum Field Theory, through a surprising relation with the inviscid Burgers equation. As this class of models corresponds to non-Wilsonian RG trajectories, these studies may help to clarify important aspects concerning the appearance of singularities in effective QFT, and hopefully be useful in the effective string framework.