29.03.2017 (Wednesday)

Yang-Baxter strings, twists, and AdS/CFT

Regular Seminar Stijn van Tongeren (Humboldt U.)

14:00 IC
room H503

The appearance of integrability in the duality between the AdS5xS5 string and planar maximally supersymmetric Yang-Mills theory gives rise to many insightful results. Various deformations of this AdS/CFT dual pair are known to also be integrable, prompting the question how far the power of integrability extends in this setting. In recent years there has been a lot of progress in answering this question. Rather than trying to demonstrate integrability in known AdS/CFT dual pairs, efforts instead focused on finding manifestly integrability preserving deformations of the AdS5xS5 string. While constructed to preserve integrability, the resulting so-called Yang-Baxter sigma models are, however, not guaranteed to describe strings, or have an AdS/CFT interpretation. The former of these points has since been addressed and turns out to be closely related to (nonabelian) T duality, and we now understand which of these models continue to describe strings. The goal of my talk is to address the latter point, regarding the AdS/CFT interpretation of these models. I will use symmetry considerations to give a unified AdS/CFT picture for these Yang-Baxter strings as duals to various noncommutative deformations of supersymmetric Yang-Mills theory. My general conjecture matches many known dualities, and I will briefly discuss nontrivial tests in various new cases, in the form of brane constructions indicating the desired dualities.