27.03.2018 (Tuesday)

Complete factorization in minimal N=4 Chern-Simons-matter theory

Journal Club Shuichi Yokoyama (Kyoto University)

14:00 KCL
room S4.36

I and my collaborator, T.Nosaka, revisited minimal N = 4 Chern-Simons theories from its exact S3 partition function, which reduces to finite-dimensional matrix models by supersymmetric localization. We found some new aspects of this interesting model and main results are listed below. [1] The integration in a matrix model of S3 partition function may be performed completely by using the technique called the Fermi-gas analysis. [2] The resulting partition function completely factorized into that of pure CS theory for two gauge groups and an analogous contribution for the bifundamental hypermultiplet. We call this complete factorization. [3] We presented the all order ’t Hooft expansion of the free energy and discussed the connection to the higher-spin theory in the dual gravity side. [4] The level/rank (or Seiberg-like) duality, which is expected from the Hanany-Witten transition in the type IIB brane realization, was confirmed from the factorized partition function up to an overall factor, which may be a signal of existence of some decoupled sector. If time permits, I may touch our ongoing analysis of such decoupled sector more precisely by using a superconformal index.