04.02.2019 (Monday)

Single trace TTbar-deformations and AdS/CFT

Informal Seminar Gaston Giribet (UBA)

10:00 KCL
room K6.63

A solvable irrelevant deformation of AdS3/CFT2 correspondence leading to a theory with Hagedorn spectrum at high energy has been recently proposed by Kutasov et al. It consists of a single trace deformation of the boundary theory, which is inspired by the recent work on solvable T\bar{T}-deformations of two-dimensional CFTs. Thought of as a worldsheet sigma-model, the interpretation of the deformed theory from the bulk viewpoint is that of string theory on a background that interpolates between AdS3 in the IR and a linear dilaton vacuum of little string theory in the UV. In this talk, after giving an introduction to this class of solvable theories, I will present explicit results for their observables.