21.02.2019 (Thursday)

Entanglement Content of Quantum Particle Excitations

Exceptional Seminar Cecilia De Fazio (City)

14:50 KCL
room Bush House S 2.01

In the first part of my talk I will give a brief introduction to the main features of the Entaglement Entropy of a bipartite system in Integrable Quantum Field Theories and Conformal Field Theories. Secondly I will discuss the results my collaborators and I obtained in our two papers. In particular, I will consider the Entaglement Entropy of a single connected region of a finite bipartite system in excited states described by one-dimensional massive free theories with finite numbers of particles. I will show that in the limit of large volume and large length of the region the excess of entanglement due to the presence of the particles with respect to the ground state takes a simple form and admits a "q-bit interpretation".