21.02.2019 (Thursday)

Thermo/HydroDynamics of the classical Toda system and random matrix theory

Exceptional Seminar Benjamin Doyon (KCL)

16:00 KCL
room Bush House S 2.01

This will be presenting mainly some of my recent work, and also aspects of recent work of Herbert Spohn, both developed in parallel. The classical Toda system is a one-dimensional integrable many-body system, which can be seen either as a gas of particles or as a chain of degrees of freedom. Herbert has shown how the generalised Gibbs ensembles of the Toda chain can be obtained from a certain limit of the beta-ensemble in random matrix theory. Analysing and connecting the gas and chain viewpoints, I have obtained both the generalised Gibbs ensembles and generalised hydrodynamics from a quasiparticle scattering description. Thus we make a connection between quasiparticle scattering and random matrix theory.