20.03.2019 (Wednesday)

Scattering amplitudes and their applications

Polygon Seminar Congkao Wen (QMUL)

15:00 City U.
room A130

Scattering amplitudes are one of most important class of physical observables in quantum field theories. Over the last decade or so, there has been a lot of activities regarding the computation of scattering amplitudes in a wide range of interesting theories, where extremely powerful new frameworks for studying scattering amplitudes have emerged, known as the modern S-matrix program. In this talk I will review some of these powerful techniques, and discuss their applications. The applications will mostly focus on effective field theories, that include twistor-like formulas for scattering amplitudes of world-volume theories of probe D-brane and M5 brane, amplitude constraints on effective field theories, such as supersymmetric non-renormalization theorems, unitarity bounds on low-energy spectra.