21.03.2019 (Thursday)

From Soft Corrections to Ultra-Planckian Scattering and back

Regular Seminar Massimo Bianchi (Roma Tor Vergata)

14:00 QMW
room G O Jones 610

Ultra-planckian collisions represent a fertile arena where to test quantum theories of gravity such as string theory. Glimpses of black hole formation and evaporation can be taken. For suitably defined infrared-safe observables, we show that the `classicalization' approach to high-multiplicity processes agrees with the ACV approach based on the resummation of ladder diagrams. Since a significant fraction of energy is lost in gravitational bremsstrahlung, we re-derived the zero-frequency limit (ZFL) of the GW flux using soft graviton theorems at leading order and compute the corrections at sub- and sub-sub-leading order. For massless two-particle elastic collisions the former is shown to vanish, while the latter takes an explicit expression which is checked against a simple tree-level process.However, if the tree-level form of the soft theorems is used at sub-sub-leading order even when the elastic amplitude needs resummation, an unphysical IR singularity occurs due to the infinite Coulomb phase. We briefly discuss a recent proposal as how to deal with these divergences and find agreement with the eikonal approach.