30.10.2019 (Wednesday)

Triangular Seminar at KCL: Event shapes and the light-ray OPE in CFTs

Triangular Seminar Alexander Zhiboedov (CERN)

15:00 KCL
room K2.31 Nash Lecture Theatre

I will review recent progress in our understanding of light-ray operators in abstract CFTs. Light-ray operators first appeared in QCD and were later studied in N=4 Super Yang-Mills theory and holography by Hofman and Maldacena. More recently, they attracted new interest due to an important role played by the averaged null energy condition (ANEC) operator in various contexts. However, it is only during the last few years it became possible to start developing a more general theory of light-ray operators. I will explain a nonperturbative, convergent operator product expansion (OPE) for null-integrated operators on the same null plane in a CFT. I will discuss its application to energy-energy correlators in N=4 Super Yang-Mills theory.