10.06.2019 (Monday)

Conformal block, Crossing Kernel and Multi-variable Hypergeometric Functions

Regular Seminar Heng-Yu Chen (National Taiwan University)

11:00 City U.
room E205

In this talk, based on the work to appear, we present an alternative representation of the conformal block with external scalars in general spacetime dimensions in terms of a finite summation over Appell fourth hypergeometric function, and its generalization to the primary operator exchange with continuous spin which is relevant for Lorentzian spacetime. Using these results we apply the Lorentzian inversion formula to compute so-called crossing kernel in general spacetime dimensions, and the result can be written as a double infinite summation over certain Kempe de Feriet hypergeometric functions. During the talk, we will introduce various physical quantities and discuss their subtitles and applications.