09.10.2019 (Wednesday)

TTbar and TsT

Regular Seminar Stijn van Tongeren (Humboldt U)

14:00 IC
room H503

The TTbar deformation of two dimensional QFTs has various attractive and interesting features, giving a simple CDD deformation of the S matrix, and for instance preserving integrability, if present. As a simple example, deforming massless free scalars gives a Nambu-Goto string in flat space in a uniform light-cone gauge. I will discuss what happens if we deform "twice", i.e. TTbar deform light-cone gauge fixed string sigma models. In this setting, TTbar deformations can be viewed as TsT transformations in a suitable T dual frame. This TsT picture also gives a natural interpretation of the TTbar CDD factor as a Drinfeld-Reshetikhin twist.