27.05.2020 (Wednesday)

Higher-derivative supergravity for AdS4 holography

Regular Seminar Kiril Hristov (INRNE, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences)

13:15 KCL
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In this talk I discuss some work in progress concerning higher-derivative (HD) terms in 4d supergravity. In particular we'll focus on the simplest case of 4-derivative terms appearing in minimal gauged supergravity. This choice minimizes the freedom in the HD terms to two arbitrary constants, which can be determined by a holographic match. This gives a prediction about the reduction of 11d HD terms on S^7. We then derive holographic predictions for the first subleading terms of various supersymmetric partition functions in their expansion of the gauge group rank, N. Additionally we are able to evaluate the on-shell action for non-BPS solutions in supergravity, allowing us to discuss black hole thermodynamics in the presence of HD terms. (To request the Zoom link send email with empty text and subject "talk" to alejandro.cabo_bizet@kcl.ac.uk)