26.03.2020 (Thursday)

Recent advancements in Separation of Variables for higher rank

Journal Club Paul Ryan (Trinity College Dublin)

10:00 Other
room online seminar

"I will review recent advancements in the development of the Separation of Variables (SoV) program for rational higher rank spin chains, motivated by the recent appearance of SoV-type structures in AdS/CFT. I will discuss the main approaches for constructing a separated variable basis which include diagonalising the B-operator and the action of fused transfer matricies on a suitable vacuum state. I will explain how these approaches are linked and demonstrate how they can be unified into a single framework governed by Yangian representation theory. The outcome is that for any finite-dimensional su(n) spin chain the wave functions (Bethe vectors) factorise into an ascending product of Slater determinants in Baxter Q-functions, allowing us to immediately link this operatorial construction of states with the recently developed functional approach of computing scalar products and form factors." NOTE: this will be an online seminar using Zoom. To participate please fill the registration form on integrability-london.weebly.com.