13.05.2020 (Wednesday)

(Quantum) Higher Spin Gravity and Physics

Regular Seminar Evgeny Skvortsov (Albert Einstein Institute (Potsdam))

14:00 IC
room Online Seminar Room

I will give a general overview of Higher Spin Gravities and also discuss the recent developments that give a class of models where UV-divergences of Einstein gravity cancel out thanks to the higher spin symmetry. At the end I will discuss the relation between Higher Spin Gravities and a class of conformal field theories in three dimensions that describe the physics of many second order phase transitions in the real world and have been recently conjectured to exhibit a number of remarkable dualities, in particular the three-dimensional bosonization duality. I will show how Higher Spin Gravity can help to prove the dualities and how it makes new predictions. The relation to QCD and self-dual Yang-Mills will also be discussed.