15.07.2020 (Wednesday)

D0-brane matrix model and holography

Journal Club Masanori Hanada (University of Surrey)

11:00 Other
room Virtual

The D0-brane matrix model (the BFSS matrix model and the BMN matrix model) can describe various objects including type IIA black zero-brane, M-theory black hole, M2-branes and M5-branes. We study this theory from several different angles. We put the emphasis on the importance of the dynamics of eigenvalues of matrices, and more generally, color degrees of freedom. Furthermore we explain how the Euclidean theory can be studied by using the Monte Carlo method, and discuss the future directions. If you have a good idea we can test it on computer together! Part of the Black Hole Information Paradox Journal Club. Please email damian.galante@kcl.ac.uk for link to the meeting.