24.11.2020 (Tuesday)

An exact AdS/CFT duality

Colloquium Matthias Gaberdiel (ETH Zurich)

14:30 KCL
room Zoom

The AdS/CFT correspondence relates string theory on an Anti de Sitter (AdS) background to a dual conformal field theory (CFT) living on the boundary of AdS. One promising strategy for how to prove the duality is to consider the `tensionless' limit of string theory in which the dual CFT becomes weakly coupled. For the case of string theory on AdS3 we have recently identified a solvable world-sheet description for this tensionless limit. This opens the way towards proving the AdS/CFT correspondence, at least for this specific set-up. Please contact Dionysios Anninos (dionysios.anninos@kcl.ac.uk) for the zoom link.