30.09.2020 (Wednesday)

Lorentzian CFT 3-point functions and the ANEC

Regular Seminar Teresa Bautista Solans (KCL)

13:15 KCL
room Zoom, see abstract

In CFT, the expressions for Euclidean 3-point functions in momentum space were fully obtained in recent years, but their Lorentzian counterparts have remained quite unknown. In this talk I will present the expression for the Lorentzian 3-point function of scalars, and further show a way to obtain tensorial ones. As I will argue, such momentum-space expressions simplify considerably the computation of the expectation values of the ANEC (Average Null Energy Condition) operator on the states used in the conformal colliders setting, whose positivity has been used to put interesting bounds on conformal anomalies. With the motivation of generalising these bounds and studying the implications of the ANEC for QFT, I will discuss perturbative corrections to the simplest ANEC expectation values in lambda-phi4 theory. [For the Zoom link, please email to: alejandro.cabo_bizet@kcl.ac.uk ]