04.11.2020 (Wednesday)

Type-B Anomalies on the Higgs Branch

Regular Seminar Elli Pomoni (DESY)

13:45 KCL
room Zoom, see abstract

In this talk we will study type-B conformal anomalies associated with 1/2-BPS Coulomb-branch operators in 4D N=2 SCFTs. We will derive the conditions under which these anomalies can match across the conformal phase and the Higgs phase, and explicitly see them at work in concrete examples of both matching and non-matching. On the one hand matching leads to a new class of data on the Higgs branch of 4D N=2 SCFTs that are exactly computable. On the other, non-matching imposes novel restrictions on the holonomy of the conformal manifold. [For the Zoom link, please email to: alejandro.cabo_bizet@kcl.ac.uk ]