23.10.2020 (Friday)

Renormalons from Resurgence

Informal Seminar Tomas Reis (University of Geneva)

13:00 KCL
room Zoom, See abstract

In this talk I will present the use of resurgence techniques in identifying non-perturbation physics and its relation to renormalons, in light of recent work of Marcos Mariño and me. This exploration has touched 1+1 QFTs and condensed matter systems, revealing that the presence of renormalons is more widespread than expected. After introducing both ideas in the title, I will specialise in the case of the 1D fermion gas with dirac-delta attractive potential. This case is a clean example of our approach and unveils a curious interplay between resurgence, renormalons, and superconductivity. [Please email damian.galante@klc.ac.uk for the link]