16.11.2020 (Monday)

Witten diagrams and the Mellin transform in AdS/CFT

Journal Club Congkao Wen (QMUL)

09:00 Other
room Online

AdS/CFT duality (or more general holographic principle) represents a major advance in understanding quantum gravity, and provides powerful tools for studying strongly coupled quantum field theories. This talk will give a basic introduction to AdS/CFT duality, with the focus on the computation of Witten diagrams and their Mellin transform. Witten diagrams, which play the role of Feynman diagrams, provide the means for computing correlation functions in AdS/CFT. We will show that CFT correlation functions obtained from Witten diagrams have much simpler structures after Mellin transform. Correlators in Mellin space are very analogous to the flat-space scattering amplitudes, and they are often called Mellin amplitudes. We will demonstrate the ideas by studying a few non-trivial examples.