18.11.2020 (Wednesday)

Universes as Bigdata: from Geometry, to Physics, to Machine-Learning

Polygon Seminar Yang-Hui He (City)

13:00 KCL
room Online

We briefly overview how historically string theory led theoretical physics first to algebraic/differential geometry, and then to computational geometry, and now to data science. Using the Calabi-Yau landscape - accumulated by the collaboration of physicists, mathematicians and computer scientists over the last 4 decades - as a starting-point and concrete playground, we then launch to review our recent programme in machine-learning mathematical structures and address the tantalizing question of how AI helps doing mathematics, ranging from geometry, to representation theory, to combinatorics, to number theory. Zoom Link: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/83496714171?pwd=bld3QmQ2c21laWxEWTd6ejVQbjZ5dz09 (contact dionysios.anninos@kcl.ac.uk for password)