21.01.2021 (Thursday)

Overlaps and Fermionic Dualities for Integrable Super Spin Chains

Journal Club Charlotte Kristjansen (Niels Bohr Institute Copenhagen)

15:15 Other
room Zoom, instructions in abstract

The $\mathfrak{psu}(2,2|4)$ integrable super spin chain underlying the AdS/CFT correspondence has integrable boundary states which describe set-ups where $k$ D3-branes get dissolved in a probe D5-brane. Overlaps between Bethe eigenstates and these boundary states encode the one-point functions of conformal operators and are expressed in terms of the superdeterminant of the Gaudin matrix that in turn depends on the Dynkin diagram of the symmetry algebra. The different possible Dynkin diagrams of super Lie algebras are related via fermionic dualities and we determine how overlap formulae transform under these dualities. As an application we show how to consistently move between overlap formulae obtained for $k=1$ from different Dynkin diagrams. -------------------- Part of the London Integrability Journal Club. New participants please register using the form at integrability-london.weebly.com.