21.01.2021 (Thursday)

Unimodular vs Nilpotent Superfield Approach to Pure dS Supergravity

Regular Seminar Sukruti Bansal (Chulalongkorn University)

14:00 QMW
room Zoom

[there will be a 15 min pre-seminar for students. For zoom link, please email s.nagyATqmul.ac.uk] Abstract: Recent progress in understanding de Sitter spacetime in supergravity and string theory has led to the development of a 4D supergravity with spontaneously broken supersymmetry allowing for de Sitter vacua, also called de Sitter supergravity. One approach makes use of constrained (nilpotent) superfields, while an alternative one couples supergravity to a locally supersymmetric generalization of the Volkov-Akulov goldstino action. These two approaches have been shown to give rise to the same 4D action. A novel approach to de Sitter vacua in supergravity involves the generalisation of unimodular gravity to supergravity using a super-Stückelberg mechanism. We make a connection between this new approach and the previous two. We show that upon appropriate field redefinitions, the 4D actions match up to the cubic order in the fields. This points at the possible existence of a more general framework to obtain de Sitter spacetimes from high-energy theories.