10.02.2021 (Wednesday)

AdS/CFT at Finite String Coupling and Modular Invariance

Regular Seminar Shai Chester (Weizmann Inst.)

14:00 IC
room Zoom

We study the N = 4 SU(N) super-Yang-Mills stress tensor multiplet four-point function at large N and finite complexified Yang-Mills coupling tau, which is dual to the Type IIB graviton correlator on AdS_5 × S^5 at large string length and finite string coupling. The specific four-point functions we consider are integrated correlators obtained by taking various combinations of four derivatives of m, b, and tau of the sphere free energy deformed by mass m and squashing parameter b, which can be computed using supersymmetric localization. We show that at each order in 1/N, these quantities can be written in terms of modular invariants, such as the well studied non-Holomorphic Eisenstein series as well as some new generalizations thereof. These results reproduce known features of the low-energy expansion of the four-graviton amplitude in type IIB superstring theory in ten-dimensional flat space, which is the first check of AdS/CFT at finite string coupling, and have interesting implications for the structure of the analogous expansion in AdS_5 × S^5. Zoom Join Zoom Meeting https://zoom.us/j/93725965823?pwd=Q2lmeEhjQnJmZUsxMkp2THdVZ1cxUT09 Meeting ID: 937 2596 5823 Passcode: 640955