08.03.2021 (Monday)

Lonti: Gravity and black holes in AdS

Regular Seminar Toby Wiseman (IC)

10:00 Other
room Youtube

The release of the youtube video for the London Theory institute seminar series available at https://youtu.be/jtfmWDrC370. Gravity in asymptotic AdS spacetimes behaves in many ways quite differently to the usual asymptotically flat situation we are usually introduced to. It is very important in understanding the AdS-CFT correspondence, and many of these differences to the flat setting have important implications. In this lecture and the problem sheet I will introduce AdS spacetime, asymptotic AdS spacetimes and then focus on the physics of black holes in AdS. For the simplest static black holes we will explore their behaviour, the implications for AdS-CFT and introduce some basic calculational tools to study them.