21.04.2021 (Wednesday)

Current operators in integrable models: Review of recent results

Regular Seminar Balazs Pozsgay (Eotvos Lorand U., Budapest, Inst. Theor. Phys.)

13:45 KCL
room Zoom, See abstract

We review the recent progress regarding current operators in integrable models, focusing especially on integrable spin chains. These operators describe the flow of the conserved charges, and they are important for the construction of Generalized Hydrodynamics. They are also connected to long range deformations and TTbar-like deformations of the spin chains, and also to the theory of factorized correlation functions. We argue that these operators are very special, because their mean values can be computed relatively easily even in nested spin chains. This is rather unique because mean values in nested models are rather difficult to compute for generic operators. We review these various connections and also show how to construct current operators using the Quantum Inverse Scattering Approach, the canonical framework developed by the Leningrad school. [please email alejandro.cabo_bizet@kcl.ac.uk for the zoom link]