28.04.2021 (Wednesday)

Higher-derivative Supergravity and AdS4 Holography

Regular Seminar Valentin Reys (Leuven U.)

13:45 KCL
room Zoom, See abstract

This talk will discuss higher-derivative corrections to four-dimensional gauged supergravity and their holographic implications. After briefly reviewing the construction of N=2 supersymmetric higher-derivative invariants, I will introduce a four-derivative action parameterized by two real constants. In this theory, one can show that the two-derivative solutions are not modified by the higher-derivative corrections. This fact has important consequences for the regularized on-shell action, as well as for the thermodynamics of black hole solutions. Moreover, in the context of AdS4/CFT3 holography, I will explain how our results lead to an explicit expression for subleading corrections in the large-N expansion of supersymmetric partition functions of a large class of dual field theories arising from M2 and M5 branes. [please email alejandro.cabo_bizet@kcl.ac.uk for the zoom link]