22.07.2021 (Thursday)

Tidal effects from quantum field theory

Regular Seminar Kays Haddad (Niels Bohr Institute)

14:00 QMW
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Recently there has been great success in describing the inspiral phase of compact binary coalescence in General Relativity (GR) using scattering amplitudes. These efforts aim to improve the precision of gravitational wave (GW) templates used by detectors to identify GW events and test GR. The majority of this work has focused on describing a pair of objects that do not tidally deform. However real objects do tidally deform, and future GW detectors will be increasingly sensitive to such deformations. It has been shown that scattering amplitudes are applicable to the description of tidal effects as well. In this talk we discuss the application of the Hilbert series to the characterization of an entire class of tidal effects: those involving two powers of the Weyl tensor and objects with spin 0 and 1/2. The Hilbert series guides us in the construction of actions describing these effects, which we then use to calculate the leading-PM tidal scattering amplitude. With the amplitude in hand, we compute several classical quantities and compare to the literature where possible. [for zooom link please contact jung-wook(dot)kim(at)qmul(dot)ac(dot)uk]