29.09.2021 (Wednesday)

In search of fixed points in non-abelian gauge theories using perturbation theory

Regular Seminar Marco Serone (SISSA, INFN Trieste)

13:45 KCL
room online

Four-dimensional gauge theories can flow in the IR to non-trivial CFTs. By employing Borel resummation techniques both to the ordinary perturbative series and to the Banks-Zaks conformal expansion, we first analyze the conformal window of QCD and find substantial evidence that QCD with n_f=12 flavours flows in the IR to a CFT. We then study UV fixed points for SU(n_c) gauge theories with fundamental fermion matter in 4+2epsilon dimensions. Using resummation techniques similar to those used in the 4d QCD case, we provide evidence for the existence of non-supersymmetric CFTs in d=5 space-time dimensions in a certain range of colors and flavours.