22.09.2021 (Wednesday)

The volume of the black hole interior at late times

Regular Seminar Luca Iliesiu (Stanford U.)

13:45 KCL
room K2.31

Understanding the fate of semi-classical black hole solutions at very late times is one of the most important open questions in quantum gravity. In this paper, we provide a path integral definition of the volume of the black hole interior and study it at arbitrarily late times for black holes in various models of two-dimensional gravity. Because of a novel universal cancellation between the contributions of the semi-classical black hole spectrum and some of its non-perturbative corrections, we find that, after a linear growth at early times, the length of the interior saturates at a time, and towards a value, that is exponentially large in the entropy of the black hole. This provides a non-perturbative confirmation of the complexity equals volume proposal since complexity is also expected to plateau at the same value and at the same time.