18.10.2021 (Monday)

Lonti: What is an Anomaly?

Regular Seminar Chris Herzog (KCL)

10:00 KCL
room Youtube

Lonti Autumn 2021 Series: Lecture 1. Release of Recorded Lecture. Available here: https://youtu.be/hiUnq_5iiPM. Four examples of an anomaly are presented, two from quantum mechanics and two from quantum field theory. The first example is a charged bead on a wire in the presence of a magnetic field. This example of a 't Hooft anomaly is related to the theta angle in Yang-Mills theory. The remaining three examples present scale and conformal anomalies. We will scatter a plane wave off an attractive delta function in two dimensions. We also look at a massless scalar field, both in two dimensions without a boundary and in three dimensions with one.