25.10.2021 (Monday)

Lonti: What is an Anomaly?

Regular Seminar Chris Herzog (KCL)

10:30 KCL
room Online

Lonti Autumn 2021 Series: Lecture 1. Live Tutorial. Please register at https://lonti.weebly.com/registration.html to receive joining instructions for this live session which will be held via Zoom. Four examples of an anomaly are presented, two from quantum mechanics and two from quantum field theory. The first example is a charged bead on a wire in the presence of a magnetic field. This example of a 't Hooft anomaly is related to the theta angle in Yang-Mills theory. The remaining three examples present scale and conformal anomalies. We will scatter a plane wave off an attractive delta function in two dimensions. We also look at a massless scalar field, both in two dimensions without a boundary and in three dimensions with one.