01.11.2021 (Monday)

Lonti: CPT symmetry in Quantum Field Theory

Regular Seminar Andreas Fring (City)

10:00 Other
room Youtube

Lonti Autumn 2021 Series: Lecture 3. Release of Recorded Lecture. Available at https://youtu.be/zABaRs1Ghmw CPT-symmetry is a fundamental symmetry of nature that is respected by all physical processes. It consists of a consecutive reversal of time (T), reflection of space at an arbitrary point (Parity P) and a charge conjugation that replaces particles by antiparticles. I briefly discuss the role P T -symmetry plays in quantum mechanics and how it may be utilised for a consistent formulation of non-Hermitian theories. For a relativistic quantum field theory the CPT-theorem provides the general framework for the validity of this symmetry to occur, by stating that the CPT-symmetry is equivalent to a strong reflection and a simultaneous Hermitian conjugation. In this lecture I will prove the theory in the framework of a Lagrangian quantum field theory for spin 0, 1 and spin 1/2 Dirac fields, by first identifying the separate transformation and a subsequent combination. Subsequently these transformations are used to identify the behaviour of various interaction terms under their action. I conclude by commenting on the experimental observations of CP-symmetry violation in the neutral K-meson decay.