08.11.2021 (Monday)

Lonti: An Introduction to Observables in Gauge Theories

Regular Seminar Nadav Drukker (KCL)

10:00 Other
room Youtube

Lonti Autumn 2021 Series: Lecture 4. Release of Recorded Lecture. Available at https://youtu.be/JLbuSnt2OyA. Gauge theories are ubiquitous in theoretical physics, not to mention that the standard model is one. It is therefore of utmost importance to know what the observables of these theories are, quantities that can be calculated and measured. I start with a long discussion based on the most familiar gauge theory, Maxwell's electromagnetism, where a lot of computations can be done explicitly. I then take the lessons from that to non-abelian gauge theories. The observables covered are local, Wilson loops, and briefly 't Hooft loops and surface operators.