14.10.2021 (Thursday)

Lessons and surprises from Kaluza-Klein spectra

Regular Seminar Gabriel Larios (UAM)

14:00 QMW
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[foor zoom link please email s.nagy@qmul.ac.uk] Infinite towers of massive modes arise for every compactification of higher dimensional theories. Understanding the properties of these Kaluza-Klein towers on non-trivial solutions with an AdS factor has been a longstanding issue with clear holographic interest, as they describe the spectrum of single-trace operators of the dual CFTs at strong coupling and large N. In this talk, I will focus on two classes of solutions of such kind. The first class consists of AdS4 solutions of D=11 and Type II supergravity that can be obtained from maximal gauged supergravities in D=4. For the later part, I will describe new families of solutions in N=(1,1) supergravity in D=6 which uplift from half-maximal supergravity in D=3. In both cases, the spectra can be computed using recent techniques from Exceptional Field Theory, and the information thus obtained leads to several unexpected conclusions.