14.10.2021 (Thursday)

Dynamical spin chains in 4D N = 2 SCFTs

Journal Club Elli Pomoni (DESY)

15:45 Other
room Zoom, instructions in abstract

In this talk we will revisit the study of spin chains capturing the spectral problem of 4d N = 2 SCFTs in the planar limit. At one loop and in the quantum plane limit, we will discover a quasi-Hopf symmetry algebra, defined by the R-matrix read off from the superpotential. This implies that when orbifolding the N = 4 symmetry algebra down to the N = 2 one and then marginaly deforming, the broken generators are not lost, but get upgraded to quantum generators. We will also demonstrate that these chains are dynamical, in the sense that their Hamiltonian depends on a parameter which is dynamically determined along the chain. At one loop we will show how to map the holomorphic SU(3) scalar sector to a dynamical 15-vertex model, which corresponds to an RSOS model, whose adjacency graph can be read off from the gauge theory quiver/brane tiling. One scalar SU(2) sub-sector is described by an alternating nearest-neighbour Hamiltonian, while another choice of SU(2) sub-sector leads to a dynamical dilute Temperley-Lieb model. These sectors have a common vacuum state, around which the magnon dispersion relations are naturally uniformised by elliptic functions. For the example of the ℤ_{2} quiver theory we study these dynamical chains by solving the one- and two-magnon problems with the coordinate Bethe ansatz approach. --- Part of the London Integrability Journal Club. If you are a new participant, please register at integrability-london.weebly.com. The link will be emailed on Tuesday.