23.05.2024 (Thursday)

Tracy-Widom distribution in supersymmetric gauge theories

Regular Seminar Gregory Korchemsky (IPhT Saclay)

14:00 QMUL
room G.O. Jones 208 and Zoom

It has recently been recognized that various observables in different four-dimensional supersymmetric gauge theories can be computed for an arbitrary 't Hooft coupling as determinants of certain semi-infinite matrices. It turns out that these quantities can be expressed as Fredholm determinants of the so-called Bessel kernel and they are closely related to celebrated Tracy-Widom distribution (more precisely, its finite temperature generalization) describing level-spacing distributions in matrix models. We exploit this relation to determine their dependence on the ’t Hooft coupling constant. Unlike the weak coupling expansion, which has a finite radius of convergence, the strong coupling expansion is factorially divergent, necessitating the inclusion of nonperturbative, exponentially small corrections. We develop a method to systematically compute these corrections and discuss the resurgent properties of the resulting transseries.