02.03.2006 (Thursday)

Fixing all moduli: Some Geometry

Regular Seminar Susanne Reffert (MPI Munich)

14:00 IC
room 503 Huxley

In the moduli stabilization program a la KKLT, the dilaton and the complex structure moduli are fixed via background 3-form fluxes, whereas the Kaehler moduli are fixed through non-perturbative effects such as Euclidean D3-brane instantons and gaugino condensation. After briefly introducing toroidal orbifolds, I will discuss some issues of stability and then turn to moduli stabilization in resolved toroidal type IIB orientifolds. The main emphasis will be on the resolution of the singularities via blow-ups, gluing together the local patches to obtain a smooth Calabi-Yau, and the topologies of the exceptional divisors.